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    2 = Welcome to the FeedPressReview project = 
    4 FeedPressReview is a different kind of Feed (RSS or Atom) aggregator. It was designed to emulate how humans who have the task of picking "fresh" items from a bunch of sources. It has been used to replace humans doing tech watch with many users saying they couldn't tell the difference! 
    6 You are welcome to use FeedPressReview as a normal aggregator. You will get a few nice interface trick beyond most plain aggregator, such as collapsible feed and criteria based feed expansion. However, using it as a classic aggregator is wasting most of it's abilities! 
    8 FeedPressReview was designed to pick fresh items out of a pool of feeds. It models a human's thought process in the following way:  
    10  * Assuming all feed are equally "interesting", an item that was published yesterday by a feed that only publishes once a day is "fresher" than an item publised yesterday by a feed that publishes everyday. As such, it should stay displayed longer. That "bonus" is adjusted by the setConfigAlgorithmStrength() method.  
    11  * Not all feed are equally interesting (obviously). Some are more interesting, or more authoritative than others. You can reflect this by adjusting the $bias parameter of the addSourceFeed() method.  
    13 The best way to find the right configuration values is to add all your feeds to the aggregator, and then play with the values untill it picks about what you would have picked. You will then find that as the feed change, it will probably pick just about what you would have. 
    15 Pathological case  
    16  * Feeds whose publication interval is much shorter than how often the server generates the XML or your cache it (ex: youtube's recent videos, that publishes several times per minute but you may only get once every 30 minutes) will just about never show up, because FeedPressReview will conclude that it has no fresh items (as it should have had dozens in the last 30 minutes, but has none). To mitigate the problem, when doing it's internal calculations, FeedPressReview will shift all the dates (for comparing purpose) by the cache age. However, this will not help with caching on the remote server. Maybe we could eventually do additional compensation if the first item more that three time the twice the average publication interval for the feed from now, and the average publication interval is very small (less than an hour for example, to avoid making that feeds that are "on vacation" will look "fresher" than they should). 
    18 Note that this class will obey gettext and locale settings for localization 
    20 FeedPressReview is also used in the following open source project: 
    21  * [http://dev.wifidog.org/ WiFiDog] 
    23 To [wiki:Download] feedpressreview 
     1You’re on top of the game. Tanhks for sharing.