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User management and access control

When looking at features of the software, it is important to note that the available features will change along with credentials accorded to a given user account. Using the system without being system blocks you from modify any data. A user could decide to create its own user account by clicking on «My bookmarks» or «Suggest a new learning object». User management will discussed in details in this chapter. What you should remember though, is that a user can basically be given one of three access lelvel :

  • No credential : The user can manage its bookmarks and suggest new learning object.
  • Eurêka administrator : The user will also be allowed to manage learning objects within themes he is allowed to modify.
  • vCards administrator : The user will be allowed to manage vCards.
  • Super administrator : The user will have access to all management features.

User Management

In the main menu, the "Users list" to a page which allows you to look for and create users. A full list of users is also provided. You will be able to set the access rights for each user.