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Themes, navigation and resource classification


Thematic Navigation

The thematic navigation offers a categorized view of the learning objects that are stored in Eurêka. You can see all the resources of your subthemes, while you click on the hyperlink. However noticed that in bottom on the right of your page, you have a dropbox who you allow to choose a profil. According to your choice the ressources will be evaluated, for see if the ressources respect or not the standards of selected Profil. If the ressources respect the standard profil, a small green square will appear beside the pen which allow to edit the ressources. A small red square will appear if the mandatory element missed, In this case it's very important to complete the missing element. For this, you must to edit the ressources. A small orange square could appear if a recommended element missed. To finish a small blue square will be appear if you use a vocabulary not understood or not recognized by the selected profile. When you click on pen, you have the possibility to manage all specifications of resource. Noticed that a small legend in bottom on the right, explain the color code, seen rather. Themes, Navigation and Classification

Eurêka makes extensive use of themes as a simple classification system. They work similarly as an operating system's filesystem. Thus, each theme can contain subthemes and learning objects. Each subtheme can only have one parent. Each learning object must be part of at least one theme, but it can also be linked to multiple themes. Just like a library's reference card could be classified in the authors section, while an identifical copy can be found in the titles section.

Each theme has its own properties, its children will automatically inherit them, they can also override some or all of these attributes :

  • Name
  • Description
  • Access rights
  • Vocabularies

The vocabularies associated with a theme, will become available as vocabularies for the Classification element (LOM 9) of each learning objects of this theme. Moreover, it is then possible to navigate the tree structure based on theses vocabularies as if they were themes. If a thumbnail is linked to a learning object, it will be displayed while using the thematic navigation.

It is also possible to export the most recent learning objects of a themes hierarchy, or any vocabulary represented as a theme, as an RSS v2.0.

Linking thumbnails to learning objects

Eurêka allows an optional thumbnails to be set for each learning object. They will appear while navigating through themes. In order to associate thumbnails to some learning objects, you must create dictionnary-type VDEX vocabulary whose id contains the string «thumbnails». Add a MediaDescriptor? (VDEX 6.5.1) element containing a valid URL pointing to a JPEG or PNG picture. Finally, in the learning object, add a taxon path (LOM 9.2) pointing to the appropriate vocabulary term in the special «thumbnails» vocabulary.