Last modified 11 years ago Last modified on 01/31/06 11:38:31

Suggesting new resources

The main menu lets offers the possibility to access to suggest new learning objects. If you are not logged in, you will get an error message. You need to either log in or create an account. Use the hyperlink to create your new account. Once you've completed the subscription process, you will be able to propose new learning objects. In the same section, once logged in, you will see the list the dropbox for suggestions. Choose the dropbox you wish to use and click on the suggest button.

If you'd like to create a dropbox, browse to the dropbox theme using the Thematic Navigation. Go to the edit pane of the theme and mark the "dropbox" checkbox. You can choose a template that will be applied to new learning objects. Please note that normal users are not allowed to create learning objects outside the scope of the dropboxes. So don't forget that the templates should be placed inside the dropbox and that they do not make any reference to other themes. Failure to do so will prevent users from suggesting new learning objects based on that template. You can also select an "Editing profile" for the dropbox. You can create a special profiles to simplify the look of the learning objects editor.