18:26 Changeset [bcd6af1] by benoitg <benoitg@…>
mastervitrine* New accessor git-svn-id: http://projects.coeus.ca/svn/eureka@503
18:10 Changeset [0ccd430] by benoitg <benoitg@…>
mastervitrine* AbstractSpider?.php: Display tweaks git-svn-id: …
17:41 Changeset [889e271] by benoitg <benoitg@…>
mastervitrine* SpiderOaiPmhClient?.php: Fix date handling bug when multiple OAI-PMH …
17:25 Changeset [556afb8] by benoitg <benoitg@…>
mastervitrine* SpiderHTML.php: Make date handling more robust git-svn-id: …


16:51 Changeset [17b9c6b] by benoitg <benoitg@…>
mastervitrineVCard::importOrGetExisting() make sure the oldest VCard is used. …
12:04 Changeset [ef6a62b] by benoitg <benoitg@…>
mastervitrine* Put the name and protocol of the spider in the email report's subject …


17:07 Changeset [675cd3d] by benoitg <benoitg@…>
mastervitrineError message clarification during Vocabulary import git-svn-id: …
11:25 Changeset [ad2956f] by benoitg <benoitg@…>
mastervitrineMake explicit that the terms import inside the vocabulary interface is CSV …


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11:55 doc/importExport edited by benoitg
More details on the import process (diff)


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Hi, Is it possible to limit the number of broken links by choosing a …
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