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mastervitrine* Fix a second bug where NOT theme limit was neither the first limit nor …


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mastervitrinegit-svn-id: http://projects.coeus.ca/svn/eureka@494
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mastervitrinegit-svn-id: http://projects.coeus.ca/svn/eureka@493
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mastervitrineImprovement to last fix, deal better with empty URLs git-svn-id: …
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mastervitrine* Make DC export more resistant to URLs with parameters. git-svn-id: …


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mastervitrineMinor translation update git-svn-id: …
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mastervitrineFix typo git-svn-id: http://projects.coeus.ca/svn/eureka@489
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mastervitrine* Add support for new search modes (and (current default), or, and …
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