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#5 Resource basket breaks bock Defect (Bug) blocker Other 11 years
#19 Spider do not import resources as read-only. benoitg Non-code related task (Documentation, QA, etc) blocker General UI 11 years
#44 Title of the window should show site description instead of name benoitg Defect (Bug) blocker General system architecture 11 years
#8 Add a "Find other learning objects this person contributed to" bock Enhancement (Feature request, RFE) major Search engine 11 years
#46 Link stylesheets to virtual hosts benoitg Enhancement (Feature request, RFE) major General UI 11 years
#48 Virtual sites allow clicking on create new resource benoitg Defect (Bug) major Administration tools 11 years
#2 Search in themes names appears to be broken bock Defect (Bug) minor Metadata editor 11 years
#9 Display preformatted text properly bock Enhancement (Feature request, RFE) minor General UI 11 years
#37 Review Eureka for HTML validity benoitg Non-code related task (Documentation, QA, etc) minor Other 11 years
#42 Create a new resource button shouldn't be present when navigating a vocabulary as a theme benoitg Defect (Bug) minor Administration tools 11 years

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Created
#10 Use IRI processing for URIs in vDex bock Defect (Bug) blocker Import/export 11 years
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